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The Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Collection

By Coventry Edwards-Pitt

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Living Healthy, Wealthy & Wise:
Navigating three stages of life and multigenerational wealth



The firm’s Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Collection is a 10-year research initiative and three-book series that highlights success stories of how individuals have reconciled their financial abundance with the values and relationships that matter most in their lives.


The first, Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (2014), focuses on helping parents to raise grounded children amid wealth, the second, Aged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (2017), centers on how to design a vibrant later life and legacy, and the third, Engaged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise (2023), offers a roadmap for inheritors and their significant others on how to navigate love and family wealth and forge their own joint path. The three books live at the intersection of heart and wealth. 

Author Coventry Edwards-Pitt, CFA, CFP®
Recognized as one of the “Top 50 Most Influential Women in Private Wealth” and one of the “Top 50 Women in Wealth Management." 

“What makes this book unique and valuable is that the stories of real-life successful inheritors found here resonate, particularly their surprising insights about accountability, independence, and being able to feel that they earned their own successes. Wealthy parents seeking advice on how to raise their children well amid wealth will find in these words the inspiration and conviction needed for them to implement these best practices in their own families."

Sara Hamilton, Founder and CEO, Family Office Exchange

Raised Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

"If you are or will be an inheritor, or were raised with privilege, then this book is a must for you! Covie covers the journey next gen inheritors experience in their 20s - 50s and offers a clear roadmap – imbued with the wisdom and lessons learned from inheritors (and their partners) she interviewed who have successfully traveled this road. The book offers a guide for how to build confidence in your abilities, how to include your significant other in the journey, and how to truly integrate your experience around wealth with your authentic self.”

Rachel Gerrol, CEO and Co-Founder of Nexus 

Engaged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

"As I approach my 75th birthday, I have pondered what Erik Erikson meant

about the 8th stage of life as Integrity. Covie’s book is a gift that answers my question. It has given me a path and way to live integrally. Thank you, Covie.”

James E. Hughes, Jr. Author of Family Wealth: Keeping it in the Family, Family: The Compact Among Generations

Aged Healthy, Wealthy & Wise    

The individuals quoted above did not receive any compensation directly or indirectly in exchange for their reviews of the books. The reviewers are not clients of Ballentine Partners, LLC, and, so far as we are aware, are not subject to any material conflicts of interest with respect to the impartiality of their reviews.

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