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When a young inheritor announces that they have met “the one” – their chosen life partner whom they hope to marry – the wheels of the wealth advising industry whir into motion. Advisors recommend prenuptial agreements, wealth-owning families discuss how transparent to be about the family’s financial situation, and white papers offer best practices about how to “onboard” the new partner to the wealth-owning family’s cultural and financial ecosystem. 

But amid all of this, there is a young couple in love. What does it feel like to be this young inheritor (who might still be trying to forge a differentiated sense of self amid the backdrop of inherited wealth) and their partner, for whom all of this is new and largely irrelevant, or at least tangential to how they feel about their significant other and their vision for their lives together? How does it feel when the possibility that defines this tender time of life runs smack into the formal frameworks inherent in most wealth management ecosystems? And how can a young couple make it through with their love, partnership, and faith in each other not only intact but stronger on the other side?

That is what this book is about. It’s about the perspective of these young people who are rarely asked for their views by an industry that is employed largely by their parents’ generation. And it is about how they have navigated the journey of forging a strong union and fulfilling life path with their chosen partner amid the complexities of inherited family wealth.

“This is a defining book about a couple’s relationship with wealth – a must-read for inheritors and parents who are potential grantors! Covie weaves together the personal stories of inheritors with research studies that validate her key principles, which are clear, concise, and insightful by themselves. The structure of the book moves smoothly through three stages, from early adulthood to young marrieds to parenthood. Readers can go directly to their current life stage and later move to the other parts of the book to gain insights from the other life stages and family stories." 
SARA HAMILTON, Founder of Family Office Exchange (FOX) and Family Advisor

The individuals quoted above did not receive any compensation directly or indirectly in exchange for their reviews of the books. The reviewers are not clients of Ballentine Partners, LLC, and, so far as we are aware, are not subject to any material conflicts of interest with respect to the impartiality of their reviews.

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